"I am grateful to have met you."

Sayounara, Central no minna-san, and thank you for an amazing experience. ASU has set up my next assignment (Fall semester) in a different district, so I'll no-longer have the weekly treat of studying in the service of Toyota-sensei's classes. I miss you already!

I've still got "guest teacher"/substitute clearance with the Phoenix Union High School District, however, so I hope to come back to see you all again some time in the 2013-14 academic year. In the meantime, I'm still here on campus at ASU (yes, all summer long), and I'm more than happy to talk online or meet for study sessions if you're inspired to keep up language practice over the break. You know how to reach me.

Until we meet again, お元気で!
Thanks for a great class, sixth period. You gave me some amazing feedback for a report due in my own classes. We'll watch some more anime in the future, okay? Send me requests if you have any.

In other news, Toyota-sensei is working to get me into your class as a substitute for the week she is away in Japan in May. There's some paperwork to get through, but if it works out, I'll get to mess with your heads for a whole five days straight. >:3 *cue evil laughter* But seriously now, we're gonna have a great time. Five days won't be enough to hit all the topics and activities I'd like to cover, so I need your input. What kinds of games do you enjoy the most? What things that you've been learning still confuse you? What parts of Japanese culture do you want to know more about? Consider all the various aspects that the topic of "culture" really contains:

Toys and Games

...and a heck of a lot more. So yeah, anyway, think about it and get back to me. This is your big chance to get exactly what you want out of Japanese class. じゃまた!