Think I'm going to change the layout of this page. Don't be surprised if everything suddenly looks different around this here text you're reading.
Yo, minna. This is where I'm going to write stuff that isn't directly prompted by questions from you or relevant to the study of Japanese. Like how I'm really mad that I was too ill to make it to our Wednesday-before-break class. (Sorry about that.) 

Twelve days of intense antibiotics later, I think I'm back in working order. You can expect me in class on Monday the 25th. The Hiragana/Katakana Milestone Quiz might be there with me, though, so have an escape plan (or just study a little and pass it easily, your choice).

In other news, the site has been rearranged a little... the "Ask Sensei" function is still here, just under a different mainpage. You can always email me directly with questions (or anything) too; don't be shy.